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What we do: Volunteer


The volunteers that work with Upstate Hope help keep us running and show love to our clients that come to get food.

Anyone can become a volunteer, no background checks needed. Mention a special skill that you have and you enjoy doing, and we might be able to let you use it to help others in our community.

Current opportunities:

  • Packing Food Boxes
  • Sorting Food
  • Helping Hand Food Out
  • Taking Food to Cars
  • Counseling/Praying for Clients
  • Signing Clients In
  • Logging Clients in Computer
  • Cleaning
  • Gardening

Vouleenteer hours:

Monday-Thursday 9am to 2pm

Tuesday Nights: Packing food boxes- 6pm to 7:45pm

Thursday and Saturday nights: Handing out food. 6pm tp 7:45pm

307 McCarter Rd. Fountain Inn, Sc